Wine and Food

Wine & Food shipments, like those of other perishable goods, must be handled with care because of the nature of the products involved, which require special care during transport.

Specifically, many food products, such as wines and dairy products, need a constant temperature to be maintained during transport to ensure their quality. These types of products must be handled with extreme care and delivered as soon as possible to avoid damage and contamination.

In addition, Wine & Food products are subject to strict compliance controls, the regulations of which change radically depending on the country of destination.

At Fransped, we know how to best handle food industry shipments, choose the carrier based on your specific needs, and make sure the transport is done safely, quickly and reliably, in compliance with regulations.

Iron, Steel and Heavy Materials

Shipping heavy and bulky materials requires special care and extensive knowledge of the industry so that the goods are delivered safely and on time. The size and weight of products in these sectors, given the presence of heavy materials such as iron and steel, must be handled with due care and with the help of special equipment and experienced personnel to avoid damage and to ensure the delivery date, avoiding the blockage of construction sites and production lines.

That is why it is so important to choose the right carrier and conduct careful planning; we at Fransped select the best partner for your specific needs, and we ensure that transportation and handling takes place safely, on time and in compliance with compliance regulations.

Large and small appliances

Household appliance shipments require special care and attention during transport-especially because of their fragility-for products of all weights and sizes.

One of our tasks is to ensure the quality of transportation, from packing to handling of goods. We design the shipment according to your specific needs, select the appropriate carrier from more than 190 qualified partners with whom we work on an ongoing basis, and ensure that the goods are handled properly during handling.

In addition, appliances must ensure specific regulatory compliance; we also take care of transportation security and all customs clearance.

Paper, cardboard and non-delicate goods

In the paper, cardboard, and non-delicate goods sector, some management challenges may arise in shipping. Particularly with regard to weight and size, as some products in this sector do not have standard sizes and can also reach large volumes, which must be handled properly.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to plan paper and cardboard industry shipments in detail, for non-delicate goods and non-standard sizes. We select the appropriate carrier and verify all customs authorizations, handling the bureaucratic part entirely. We work on each shipment with care and dedication, to ensure that each transport operation takes place within the established delivery times, in total security.

Furniture and design objects

In the furniture and design objects sector, shipments are characterized by high-value products, often made of unique and valuable materials, and of non-standard dimensions. These types of products require special handling during shipping to ensure their integrity and safety.

We offer you maximum support for your shipments of furniture and design objects, we select the most suitable partner who can handle the complexity of the products, and we carefully plan the shipment so that it takes place in the correct manner and on time. We also handle all the paperwork, making sure that all goods comply with the regulations of the destination country ..

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