We arrange pickups and deliveries, paperwork

We manage communication with different transportation companies, handle paperwork, and arrange pickups and deliveries in detail.

  • We plan and coordinate the pickup and delivery of goods, establishing the dates, times, and locations for pickup and delivery.
  • We assign you a reliable carrier depending on your transportation needs, evaluating rates, experience, and ability to fulfill cargo requirements.
  • We make sure the carrier has all the necessary information, such as weight, volume, and proper loading and unloading instructions.
  • We verify that the carrier has all necessary permits, licenses, and cargo insurance coverage.

Shipment tracking and status of goods

Ensuring the proper flow of the shipment and the status of the goods is a key aspect of our work, to make sure that products are delivered in optimal condition, on time and safely; that is why we constantly monitor the status of shipments, to prevent or resolve any delays and critical issues.

Full tracking

e use the best tracking and logistics management systems to monitor the location of goods in real time.

Continuous updating

We maintain regular communication with transportation carriers to receive constant updates on shipment status and any changes to delivery times.

We anticipate any consequences

We resolve problems that may occur in a timely manner, working with carriers and relevant authorities, identifying the cause of the problem and finding the appropriate solution.

Sending loading and unloading instructions, with all documentation for pickup and delivery

We coordinate in detail the cooperation between the parties, making sure that the supplier, carrier and consignee have all the information and documentation needed to ensure the success of the shipment.

  • We collect all relevant information about the transport, including loading and unloading requirements, expected delivery date and time.
  • We create the necessary documentation, such as the transport order, bill of lading and any additional documentation required by the various parties.
  • We ensure that the supplier, carrier and consignee are informed of the details of transportation and documentation.
  • We schedule and organize loading and unloading operations., to meet the scheduled delivery time, preventing any critical issues.

Customs Services

Assisting businesses and individuals in the process of importing or exporting goods through customs is a key part of our work. We handle the entire process, from preparing the necessary documentation to classifying goods according to customs nomenclature, determining the level of duty and other applicable taxes.

We calculate every expense down to the smallest detail, interface with customs authorities, and verify the correct application of regulations. We coordinate the logistics of goods-from packing to shipping-to ensure that everything is done efficiently, resolving any critical issues promptly. We streamline the entire import and export procedure, ensuring that everything is handled flawlessly.

We know the complexities of international trade; we have been working in this field for a long time. Our goal is to make everything extremely easy.

Also available for DAP, until final destination

DAP is a term that is part of incoterms, a set of international contract terms, universally recognized in global trade, to define the responsibilities and rights of the parties involved in the transaction. DAP stands for Delivered at Place.

When a professional is available for DAP, it means that he or she has a thorough knowledge of international regulations, and is able to coordinate and ensure the transportation of goods to the final destination.

At Fransped, we put our experience at your disposal, are available for DAP, and ensure that you are transported efficiently and safely to your final destination, in full compliance with regulations.

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